Bougainville media news :New Dawn embraces mobile technology to increase reach

New Dawn embraces mobile technology to increase reach

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221-aloysius-laukaiNew Dawn FM, Bougainville’s leading independent media outlet, has turned to modern mobile phone apps and social media to get news to and from some of the most remote parts of the region.

As reported by Bougainville24

Station manager, Aloysius Laukai, now has 15 staff members working under him as the team seek to build awareness on the biggest issues affecting Bougainville.

Laukai and his reporters use WhatsApp and Viber, cross-platform mobile apps, to exchange information and file stories.

The apps allow reporters to send text, video, images and audio messages using their mobile data allowance.

“Before WhatsApp the audio was not quality,” Mr Laukai said.

“Normally we used telephone lines, which sometimes are very noisy.”

For radio interviews and sound grabs reporters use digital voice recorders and send the audio to the New Dawn FM studio in Buka, where they are edited and aired.

“Sending audio by email the files are too big,” Laukai continued.

“It would be impossible, but now we are using Viber to make calls using data.”

With Digicel coverage reaching an estimated 80-90% of the population New Dawn is able to rapidly disseminate news from throughout the region.

Laukai was also an earlier adopter of social media to increase the reach of New Dawn and awareness of news from Bougainville.

The New Dawn on Bougainville blog was launched in February 2009, not long after the station began broadcasting. The blog provides written versions of New Dawn’s top stories for the day and photographs.

In 2011 Aloysius joined Twitter and set up a Facebook page to reiterate this content across the spectrum of social media platforms.

In 2014 Aloysius also created Bougainville News

Due to infrastructural constraints the station’s FM broadcast coverage is currently limited to Buka and the northern tip of the mainland of Bougainville and so social media allows people with access to the cellular network to get regional news.

An upgrade to radio infrastructure, jointly funded by the Autonomous Bougainville Government and the Bougainville Copper Foundation, is expected to be completed soon and will deliver FM signal throughout the region.

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Bougainville Cultural News: Mona Cultural Festival in Buka hailed as success : great images

Mona 3

Story and photos by Aloysius Laukai ; additional photos Paul Wagam and Brian Semoso

The three-days Mona festival was hailed a success despite government funding allocation not released on time.

This was the message echoed by the Chairlady of the Festival Committee, FRANCESCA SEMOSO at the close of the festival yesterday afternoon.

Ms Semoso said that despite these hiccups the three-days festival was incident free and safe and was enjoyed by all who attended.

She said thanked the local sponsors who donated in cash and kind to make the festival a success.

Mrs Semoso said that show casing one’s culture was good as it identifies the uniqueness of different groups.

Meanwhile, one of the famous Bougainville actors and co-actor in the Tukana film with Francesca Semoso, MR. ALBERT TORO who was one for the festival  organizers, said that he was happy to see all the different people participate at the festival.

He said Bougainville had both the Melanesians and the Polynesians and it was good to see them participate as true Bougainvilleans.

The three-days festival was officially closed by the ABG Minister for culture, Mechior Dare.

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Mona 5

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Mona 9

Mona 10

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Bougainville media news: Speed of media information is crucial for rural audiences in PNG


 We are using a mix of conventional media tools and mobile technology.

“The speed of information is crucial, if rural audiences are to contribute, and be informed.”

 Bougainville News and New Dawn FM Aloysius Laukai, Speaking at the opening day of 10th OUR Media conference at the University of Goroka

DOWN LOAD THE 80 Page Program HERE



EM TV transcript

The 10th OUR Media conference at the University of Goroka has brought together participants from five nations and the twenty provinces of Papua New Guinea.  
Over the past two years, the University of Goroka has been at the forefront of developing media content through community participation.
Over the next five days, array of topics will be discussed here in Goroka of primary importance, are the production of local content and the various applications of tools and technology related to the media.
Now Goroka is of significance, because it used to be the heart of PNG’s film industry.
Now over the last twenty four months, the University of Goroka has been heavily engaged in community produced documentaries.
It’s an encouraging movement to this still in its infancy. Participants at this conference have come from various parts of the world, Colombia, Australia, Japan and a few more, experiencing the feel of a buried and thought provoking, with ongoing social challenges faced by communities in PNG, the focus here has been to give communities a voice, that can influence political and social change.
One of the tools most highlighted, has been the use of visual media.
Dr.Michael Mel from the University of Goroka is one of the many, who want to see a re-emergence of the film industry in a big way.
Goroka’s film industry once strived, but largely unsupported the industry, slowly dwelled into non-existence.
The renewed interest in the film industry using rapidly evolving technology has been encouraging for those driving the development.

Bougainville Aloysius Laukai, is using a mix of conventional media tools and mobile technology. He says the speed of information is crucial, if rural audiences are to contribute, and be informed.

Diverse communities, diverse media, it’s a theme that echoes what needs to be done and, what’s evolving.