Bougainville News: Togarau Waterfall potential tourism destination

Togarau Waterfall

Picture of Regional member Joe Lera and team at Togarau waterfall 2014
by Aloysius Laukai

The Regional member for Bougainville, JOE LERA says that the Togarau waterfall and the surrounding communities of Ruruvu, Karaturi and Togarau have a very good scenery potential of attracting both local and overseas tourists.

He told New Dawn FM that he was happy to have visited this part of Bougainville as a Regional member and touching the lives of the people in the rural communities.

MR. LERA said that with the establishment of Togarau Hydro he hopes the people of Rotokas will benefit from economic activities that will become available once the project gets off the ground.