Bougainville News: Regional member for Bougainville JOE LERA welcomes invitation

By Aloysius Laukai in Tonu
The regional member for Bougainville, JOE LERA has acknowledged the invitation from the Chairman of the Uvistract system, NOAH MUSINKU and his brother MISACH AUTAHE for Bougainville leaders for a round table conference to talk on the future of Bougainville .
MR. LERA told New Dawn FM in Tonu today after visiting the Uvistract headquarters.
He said that Bougainville leaders need to come to a round table so that they can come to some understanding on how they can compromise and work together.
MR.Lera said that NOAH MUSINGKU also wants unity but wants a conference with all leaders of Bougainville .
He said that he will sponsor the meeting of Bougainville leaders once they have identified the venue and make arrangements with the leaders.
MR LERA said that a neutral location will be identified to have the meeting before the end of the year.
New Dawn FM understands that the call by the ABG advisor on Weapons Disposal and conflict resolution, CLYDE PARRIS for Bougainville to address the five different governments before referendum could be resolved by having this meeting.

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