Bougainville Communication News: PNG to impose a cybercrime policy and mobile phone regulation



COMMUNICATIONS Minister and Member for Central Bougainville Jimmy Miringtoro according to expert and technical analysis, will be the first Pacific island member of parliament to impose a cybercrime policy and mobile phone regulation.

With modern day crimes being committed using technology, it remains a threat and a grave concern for Papua New Guinea’s national security.

Republished from PNG LOOP

Speaking to PNG Loop the Minister stated things will be moving forward now for his ministry in technical terms, upgrading of systems and also imposing rules on the use of certain systems, programs and materials.

“Our main aim is to crack down on a lot of scams being done using our social networks such as Facebook and Twitter,’’  Miringtoro said. “It is now time to say no to these crimes that are being committed day to day by professional criminals.”

Miringtoro said his policy was published in both the nation’s daily newspapers and the policy was  clearly aligned with certain acts already in place. Namely the PNG Customs Act and the National Intelligence Organisation (NIO) Acts.

“In other countries these laws are already being practised, and people are abiding by it and PNG will be doing the same thing. Some people have been given a lot of freedom technology wise but they are also abusing that freedom which is bad,’’  Miringtoro said.

“For instance China being a communist nation has now banned Facebook. We’re lucky here in PNG that we’re only going to regulate it.”

Most terrorist organisations are recruiting using the internet and cyber thieves are also using the internet in order to steal from other people.

PNG will now be on a technological revolution this time to block and apprehend who ever commits a cyber-crime

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