Bougainville Education News: Education is a Bougainville Government priotity

2014-05-21 10.59.08

In Bougainville, the Autonomous Bougainville Government regards education as one of its priority sectors.

And in terms of the development of the performance and standards of education as revealed by the ABG Deputy Secretary for Policy Paul Kebori, it is very important that we continue to monitor and evaluate the performance of our teachers so that our children can benefit by being able to learn at the highest level possible.

BY JENNIFER NKUI : Picture above Books and Kindles being donated to Nariana Elementary School: Metonasi Region: Nagovisi, Via Panguna ,Central Bougainville

When giving his welcome speech during the opening of the combined regional rating conference at Hutjena Secondary School yesterday, Mr. Kebori urged the standard officers to give credit to teachers where it is due saying our teachers are hardworking and they work in some of the most challenging environments in Papua New Guinea and especially in Bougainville.

He stressed that it is only good that when they go through the rating conference, the officers must look at this challenges and in doing so we can continue to improve the standards of education in Papua New Guinea.

Mr. Kebori believes that the rating conference will be a success and that it will amount to the development of education and the development of standards within the education sector.

Mary Remi who also addressed the conference participants that day asked that the results of the ratings be used appropriately.

The acting secretary for the ABG department of education explained that appropriately means that the results of the ratings will enable some new graduates to be registered as teachers and it will also enable some to move up the ranks to gain eligibility to the next level while there are some whose reports have been deemed unsuccessful.

Therefore when Ms. Remi said that the results of the ratings be used appropriately, it means giving promotions to teachers where it is due and whereby there are unsuccessful reports, that means it also requires assistance from everyone to further develop professional growth for our teachers.

She then stressed that the appraisal of teachers is one major element that contributes to quality academic performance as well and as a result, this rating conference is not only to assess but has other implications.




In the light of the enactment of the new Bougainville Education Act on April 29 this year, the Bougainville education system is now governed by the new Act and hence the Papua New Guinea Education Act no longer applies to Bougainville.

This was revealed by the ABG education minister John Tabinaman when opening the combined regional rating conference at Hutjena Secondary School yesterday morning.

When highlighting some changes to governance in the new Act, the minister pointed out that compulsory education as stipulated in section 3 of the new Bougainville Education Act says that compulsory education for Bougainville will be from elementary prep up to grade 8 and this will come into effect in 2017.

As explained by the minister, this is to give ample time to his department to carry out awareness to all stakeholders and plan accordingly to address planning and financial implications of that concept.

He went on to say that the Act also stipulates under section 17 that members of the Bougainville Education Board can only be Bougainvilleans which is a step towards ensuring that home grown ideas and concepts are encouraged in setting strategic directions in the education policies and policy guidelines that are developed.

Further to that, the Bougainville Education Board will have two ex-officios and will no longer be chaired by the secretary who is the chairperson of the current board.

Minister Tabinaman then stressed that gender balance is called for in the New Bougainville Education Act.

He explained that this is to ensure that both women’s and men’s voices are heard in the decision making process.

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