Bougainville Good News Story: A bridge to an education- mekim na save at its best.

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Mekim na Save at its BEST-From Camillus Kabui

This foot bridge was built by youths from my village (Onove)  recently at the Panguna  tailings.

It now crosses the Jaba River that when flooded cut of access to approx. 3,000 people

And our children could not get to school

If the flood came up in the afternoon you would have to wait all night to cross in the morning.

All manpower and no machines. It took them exactly 2months 2 weeks to complete.

No qualified engineer was on sight to assist.

Their engineer and leader is a grade 6 dropout.

For scaffolding they built platform from trees and bamboo.

The bridge was built from scrap from downed power pylons.

The bridge is about 60 metres in length and 15meters high.

Now children can get to our community  Joseph Canisius Kabui Memorial School; Kavaronau all year round

This year I have been supporting the school by arranging for a donation of Kindles electronic ereaders (holding up to 1,400 books)

Next year we hope to have 20 Kindles in the school

If you would like to help the great work of our community this Xmas DONATE here



2014-05-21 13.31.25

Sign of School building


Picture above James Tanis presenting the first 5 Kindles to the school this year


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