Bougainville Development News: Why does Bougainville constantly have “systems down” and blackouts ?


“The public using the services like the bank, air services providers etc established recently in Arawa are complaining that it is time that these essential services must get into full swing.

We are tired of hearing “system down, system down” every time we go to such offices like the bank; Air Niugini office plus others like MVIL etc stated many of the public.

Ishmael Palipal Intro article

While most of the government services have been restored in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, one of the state-owned entities in charge of electricity power supply have been bombarded with critics for failing to address constant blackouts.

By Fabian Hakalits – EM TV (second article below) VIEW TV REPORT

People using these services urged the service providers to step up their offices in Arawa so that they can serve the purpose for which  they are set up.

People are becoming frustrated about how these services are being provided as most people who travel long distances are told to go to Buka or else told to come back tomorrow, and so on but when they come again they will be told to come some time later.

“It’s really frustrating,” said one father from the coast line of Bana District in South Bougainville.

“We have to spend so much money to and from  our places,” said one mother from Buin.

She stated that travelling from Buin to Arawa costs about K60 both ways and if sent to Buka when services in Arawa are not serviced will cost another K100 and if travelling with family is very costly. She said this while at the Airlines PNG agent office in Arawa when trying to check the air lines services schedule for Aropa.

Bombadier Q400 named after Kieta

Speaking to Ben Madaku at the office of Bougainville Tours who are the agents of Airlines PNG, she questioned why are the air services providers not putting out their schedule for Aropa but Buka only.

She stated that by this time, 3 airlines supposed to start service at the newly opened Aropa Airport and should be in full service because these are the peak times when our children (students) will be travelling out.

Ben Madaku told this reporter that other people also expressed the same frustrations about these essential services in Arawa.

“Most of them said that they want to farewell their children at the Aropa Airport because for long they have been travelling to Buka which is very costly and also a proper farewell of their children is not made before leaving their homes for some of them leave their homes early in the morning  but since now the airport is opened, they want the airlines to start their services early so that they can farewell their children  as they depart for schooling out of the region,” Madaku told this reporter.

Mr Madaku said that many people are commenting that offices are here but services are not felt, even BSP bank is not fully servicing the people as it mostly goes ‘system down’ or ‘cash out’.

“The worst thing that our clients,” said Madaku “are expressing is the air service. They really want other airlines to start their schedule by next week and so on; also they are frustrated about the Air Niugini office in Arawa which is always ‘system down’ or ‘blackout’ because of PNG power.

“People are saying that these essential services must start servicing the people now especially the Aropa Airport which many said it was a relief to their long bumpy ride to Buka when it was re-opened.”

The people are asking for these air service providers to put out their schedules for Aropa so that they can farewell their children right at their home atra, said Mr Madaku.


by Fabian Hakalits – EM TV,

While most of the government services have been restored in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, one of the state-owned entities in charge of electricity power supply have been bombarded with critics for failing to address constant blackouts.

While power-users have appreciated the restoration of electricity supply by PNG Power Limited, on the other hand, it is criticised for the constant power blackouts in Arawa, Central Bougainville that has irked power users.

Kieta district office executive manager Lucy Travertz, said with the growth of business and economic activities, this is disgraceful for a state-owned entity.

Daily operations have been affected by this occurrence from administration, business houses, homes and health facilities.

Business houses are worried about the freezer goods accommodated in shops and guest houses that are unhealthy for consumers.

PNG Power Limited management has been called on to at least explain the reasons for the outages rather than keeping its power users in the dark.

Meanwhile locals have also raised concerns on the lack of regular inspections despite connection fees being paid for. comments from PNG Power management was unsuccessful.

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