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julie Bishop

This post contains 5 Bougainville Election updates

1.Bougainville women encouraged to stand for election

2.Bougainville Electoral Commission’s historic election

3.ABG election on track

4.Commissioner attends successful talkback show

5.Voters urged to get enrolled

WOMEN in Bougainville have been encouraged by the acting Bougainville Electoral Commissioner George Manu to contest in the upcoming 2015 ABG General Election.

Picture: Julie Bishop a friend of Bougainville for many years recently hosted Autonomous #Bougainville Government MPs Joan Jerome, Rose Pihei, Elizabeth Burain in her Canberra Office. The Australian and US government are investing in women organisation as an aid priority

Mr Manu said apart from the three regional seats reserved for women in the ABG parliament, women who believed that they are capable of representing their people in parliament should also stand for the constituency and presidential seats.

He said not many women had contested for the constituency and presidential seats in the last two ABG General Elections.

“During the past two elections there was less number of women contesting so I am encouraging more women to contest in this election,” said Mr Manu.

He said women should go and check whether they are on the electoral roll or get enrolled and update their details if required in order to be eligible to contest or cast their votes in the election.

“March is the month all Bougainvilleans, including women, should ensure they are enrolled correctly.

“Go and visit your council of elders and village assemblies, your district office or a regional office of the Bougainville Electoral Commission located in Buka, Arawa and Buin. Here you can view the preliminary roll, or fill out a new enrolment form to ensure you are on the roll in time for the 2015 General Election,” said Mr Manu.

 Bougainville Electoral Commission’s historic election

THIS year’s ABG General Election will be historical to the people of Bougainville as it will be run by the Office of the Bougainville Electoral Commissioner.

During the past two ABG General Elections held in 2005 and 2010, the PNG Electoral Commission (PNGEC) was responsible for conducting these elections.

Even though PNGEC and the Australia and New Zealand electoral commissions are providing technical assistance and support, the Bougainville electoral commission will be taking the leading role in conducting the election.

Move towards the establishment of Bougainville’s own electoral commission has been spearheaded by the current acting commissioner, George Manu.

Even though a decision to establish the Bougainville Electoral Commission was made by the Bougainville Executive Council in 2010, this was never achieved until Mr Manu’s acting appointment in 2013.

Mr Manu was tasked to conduct five ABG by-elections, but instead of only concentrating on these by-elections, he decided to also start actioning the BEC decision on the establishment of the commission.

Apart from managing the processes and the preparations already achieved, the Bougainville electoral commission has also produced its own materials, manuals and forms for voter registrations to be used in the elections.

ABG election on track

PREPARATIONS for the 2015 ABG General Election are still on track, that’s the assurance from the acting Bougainville Electoral Commissioner, George Manu.

“All preparations are on track and I am confident that we will deliver this election according to our schedule,” said Mr Manu.

“Me and my returning officers are determined and set to run this election for the people of Bougainville.”

Mr Manu’s assurance now puts to rest doubts many people had regarding the preparations for the election.

He added that though the Autonomous Bougainville Government was slow in releasing funding to conduct the election, he is confident the election will still be conducted in accordance with the election schedule.

“The only hiccup we had was the late release of funding to conduct the election. But the Bougainville Electoral Commission is focused on the delivery of this election. Our duty is to conduct the election,” said Mr Manu.

Meanwhile, the acting Bougainville electoral commissioner has commended the ABG for releasing K1. 5 million to the electoral commission last week.

Part of this funding will now be used to conduct the public scrutiny.

Commissioner attends successful talkback show

THE radio talkback show hosted by Bougainville Radio Ples Lain with the acting Bougainville Electoral Commissioner George Manu last Wednesday has been hailed a success.

The program which was relayed live on NBC Bougainville saw Mr Manu giving updates on the general preparations currently undertaken by his office towards the staging of the election.

This includes activities like the updating of the electoral roll for the ABG election.

Mr Manu said the enrolment exercise was very important as the available data that the commission had before the commencement of this exercise was four years out of date.

Mr Manu also gave an update on the establishment of the Bougainville Electoral Commission as well as on the core functions of the Bougainville electoral commission.

He also outlined the rights of people to vote as well as the importance of this coming election.

During the program, Mr Manu was also able to answer queries raised by some concern listeners.

Many people that were in Buka town when the program was aired live as well as listeners from the villages in mainland Bougainville as far as Tinputz district were fortunate to have access to this information as they now have a fair idea on the preparations of the election.

Voters urged to get enrolled


THE acting Bougainville Electoral Commissioner, George Manu is appealing to all eligible voters in Bougainville to make sure that their names are on the electoral roll.
“I am appealing to all eligible voters to make sure that your names are on the electoral roll so that you will be able to cast your votes in the election,” said Mr Manu.
“It is important that your name should be on the electoral roll. If your name is not on the roll, then you will not be able to vote in the coming election,” added Mr Manu.
According to the ABG election schedule, the preliminary rolls will shortly be sent back to each districts and constituencies for public viewing this week.
The preliminary rolls consist of names of those that were registered during the field enrolment exercise carried out towards the end of last year.
“I am appealing to all eligible voters to go to your district and council of elders’ offices and village assemblies and check that your name is in the electoral roll. If your name is not on the roll or it is on the roll but not spelt correctly, you will be given an enrolment form to fill so that we will enrol your name in the final electoral roll.
“Enrolment will not be accepted once the writs are issued,” said Mr Manu.