Bougainville Health News: New master plan for Bougainville health and new scanner for Buka Hospital


“This program is the intention of collectively addressing the needs of the people of Bougainville at the root of situations. And in this I think that if we can collectively utilize resources, including resources of our partners, we will harvest the greatest benefit,”

Health department representative Dr Simon Disin

Article from Jennifer Nkui

The Department of Health in compliance to the Autonomous Bougainville Government and in accordance with the autonomy arrangement has developed a master plan, the health department representative Dr Simon Disin has revealed.

“The master plan commenced in 2012 and will be terminated on the year 2030,” he said.

When giving his speech during the agreement signing between World Vision and the ABG Health Department yesterday, Dr Disin said that under this plan, the department had two other strategic plans under which the annual implementation plans take place.

He said also that the department of health in order for it to partner with other stakeholders to deliver basic important services to the people in Bougainville, had instituted a partnership committee that takes place every quarter.

So under this partnership arrangement, the health department intends to organise all their resources and their partners to participate in the delivery of service to the people of Bougainville.

Therefore, the department of health under the leadership of Dr. Anthony Pumpara, is taking steps to collectively use resources through what is called the integrated outreach program.

This integrated outreach program which began in the most remote areas of Bougainville last month ended last week. This program according to Dr Dissin is the intention of collectively addressing the needs of the people of Bougainville at the root of situations.

“And in this I think that if we can collectively utilize resources, including resources of our partners, we will harvest the greatest benefit,” he stated.

Dr Dissin is very pleased that World Vision has arranged this agreement to be signed, so they can work in partnership and understand each other as they implement for the benefit of the people of Bougainville.

And with the current new health restructure process going on, Dr Dissin has announced that the MOU signing has triggered him to include an NGO coordinating unit within their structure so it will become the basis for coordinating all NGOs with the department of health.



Two radiographers at the Buka General Hospital are currently undergoing training on how to use and operate the newly installed CT Scanner under the supervision of radiographer specialist from Melbourne, Lindsay Hunt. As revealed by Mr. Hunt, they started off the training with the scanning of five patients and the radiographers of Buka general Hospital are actually performing the procedures with his assistance.

He then explained that the CT scanner can be used to look at someone with head injuries, facial injuries, fractures, any injuries in the brain and it can also look at the tummy, chest, it can look for lumps, neck lumps, or cancer in the stomach or chest. He added that they can also use the CT scanner to look at broken joints or broken bones.

Mr. Hunt said he will be in Buka for two weeks but he is still learning but the two trainees will learn for a long time because they have lots to learn in a very short time. He added that the technology used to operate the CT scanner is different from what the two trainees are used to but they are catching up and are getting around with the software.

The two radiographer trainees are Jenny Gimots and Edwin Tsikoa.

The CT scanner was made possible through a K1.7 million funding from the regional member Joe Lera and the contractor contracted to install the machine was Premier Healthcare.

The chief executive officer for Buka General Hospital Dr. Cyril Imako has acknowledged and thanked the ABG regional member Joe Lera for spending roughly around K1.8 million to purchase the CT scanner machine for Buka general Hospital through the Premier Healthcare Company.
He told New Dawn Fm in an interview yesterday that Buka General Hospital is the third Hospital in Papua New Guinea to have a CT scanner machine apart from Port Moresby General Hospital and Pacific International Hospital in Port Moresby.

He revealed that the installation process of the machine which started last year is still continuing and the last bit that the engineers will be doing now is to connect the machine to the hospital’s standby generator saying it is important that the machine receives constant power supply.

He said two radiographers at the Buka General hospital are now undergoing training on how to use the machine because no prior training was done on how to use this machine.

He added that after this two weeks training, the two trainees will be travelling to Melbourne to receive further training for another two to three weeks.
Dr. Imako revealed again that the machine has not been commissioned as yet because the CT scanner needs expert inspection to ensure it has met all requirements before it can be used to attend to patients.






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