Bougainville Tourism promoted at ITB the world’s largest travel show

Zhon Max - Copy

Update from Zhon Bosco Miriona from Bougainville Experience Tours  in Germany ( our stand on PNG Tourism at left)   Hi everyone at home and everywhere around the has been great here at ITB promoting Bougainville. It was a great opportunity to attend the international show trade show.

Last Day

Here are the facts

  • 5 Continents
    > 185 Countries
    > 850 Qualified Top Buyers
    > 10,000 Exhibitors
    > 23,000 Convention Visitors
    > 50,000 Private Visitors
    > 115,000 Trade Visitors
    160,000 Square meters
    6,7 Bn. Euro Turnover

We have attracted many travel agents to market Bougainville in Europe who will sell Bougainville


“Tourism is everyone’s business and every one’s responsibility to make Bougainville a better place for the world to come and see and enjoy.”

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Help needed for Bougainville tourism

Peterson Tseraha 0 Comment Sep 19, 2014

Tourism on Bougainville is another economic gold mine, a potential foreign currency earner, and income generator and the perfect tool to market Bougainville to the world.

A lot of village based people, especially those living in Bougainville rural areas, still need the light of reality to shine on them.

The major issue affecting tourism on Bougainville  is the crisis propaganda still stuck in people’s heads.

A local tourist operator on Bougainville, Bruno Laita, told the PNG Loop that propaganda regarding tourists coming into Bougainville still exists and it needs to stop.

“Tourists are foreigners coming in to enjoy the beauty of our home, Bougainville, but some are being discouraged by high prices, and these so called rumours that they are spies being sent by Australia America and PNG to spy on us, propaganda at its best, this has to stop,’’ Laita said.

“We have issues of people demanding money before we go see sights on their land and some say foreigners are not allowed.

“And the kind of money they demand is K10, 000.00 and upwards as if they own five star hotels.

“We also have another issue of people accusing tourists as being spies coming in to spy on us and those tourists are coming in to spy on our gold and copper deposits. These are all rubbish,’’ he said.

“Awareness is greatly needed in order for tourism to grow into a multi-million-kina industry on Bougainville, it has the potential to draw in millions but some people are still left in the dark about tourism.”

Laita said that the ABG needs to fund the Tourism Division so that it can deal with these issues in which awareness is highly recommended.

“This is a very high potential division in the Bougainville administration; tourism gives the potential for grassroots to participate in activities like being tour guides and dancing in singing groups to entertain tourists,’’ he  said.

“Tourism is everyone’s business and every one’s responsibility to make Bougainville a better place for the world to come and see and enjoy.”

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