Bougainville Tribute : To the memory of life and times of Anthony Korokoro


“If he were to relive his life again, you would see him repeat of many of his successes and achievements that were destroyed in the crisis in Bougainville and in what he left in Port Moresby“.

–  Simon Pentanu

Anthony (Tony) Korokoro. A husband, father, grandfather, an elder, a friend to many. He has passed on. It is sad, he will be missed. But this old man chose his time to leave. He left in peace. This is a choice that not everyone has the opportunity to make.

Tony Korokoro leaves a well endowed and successful children behind. They are proud of him. He will always be adored by his family and relatives and remembered by his friends. He made good choices in his lifetime. He served and fulfilled his time well. He lived, loved and reared well as a father and cared as a grandfather. For this and more, the life he shared with them is worth remembering and celebrating.

Most of all Tony lived and served his pledge as a husband and father to his children with pride, he saw and witnessed them bear the fruits of his labour as a teacher, a manager who minded his own business, a private individual, a community elder and a peace loving man to the last.

He was a quiet maestro when it came to planning and achieving what he set out to do. He walked and talked with purpose and an end result in mind. He saw many rainbows at the end of the day. He shared his laughs, jokes and joys with close friends and new friends.

I will remember him and count him as someone who shared his advice, vision and experiences openly and friendlier-ly with and among those he knew.

There were many that knew him and that related to his life and times.

Sincere condolences.