Bougainville Media News: Bougainville’s first mobile community radio station launched

By Aloysius Laukai

The Autonomous Bougainville Government’s Bureau of Media and Communications has bought a Suitcase radio that will be used to carry out awareness throughout Bougainville.
This is despite the ABG signing an MOU for a 60/40 Content agreement with the National Broadcasting Corporation at the beginning of this year to carry out awareness on the NBC Bougainville network.

Following this MOU a support grant of FOUR MILLION KINA was pledged to support NBC Buka to reach the entire region.

The FM radio similar to the one used by the Bougainville Revolutionary Army, Radio Free Bougainville during the height of the Bougainville conflict will be moved from locations to locations to carry their awareness program.

According to reports gathered by New Dawn FM this is funded with TWO MILLION KINA by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (AUSAID) (DFAT).
The new radio CALLED “Radio PLES LAIN” will be launched at the BEL ISI PARK on November 6 and 7th, 2014.

They have been testing their signals in Buka on 98.6 Megahertz on the FM BAND.

Meanwhile New Dawn FM a local radio operating from Buka since 2008 has signed a grant deed agreement with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation to Produce, screen and distribute six awareness videos in Tok Pidgin language to raise awareness about missing persons, war widows, government corruption and the three pillars of the Bougainville Peace Agreement

Bookgainville  Project on Bougainville PNG

One comment on “Bougainville Media News: Bougainville’s first mobile community radio station launched

  1. Hi countrymen, thankyou for your constructive criticism and commentary.
    Firstly just let me say that there is a lot of misinformation by particular parties about the project and will try to address this as much as I can.

    Ok…look the broadcasting equipment is not a Suitcase Radio as perceived but A radio in a box innovation, even though they share the same concept. However the Radio in a Box components are built into a box and comes with a Telescopic mast reaching up to a level of 17 metres and is mounted on the towbar of a Land cruiser.
    Thus giving it maximum mobility to carry out its purpose, “a 2 way medium for the ABG and the bulk of Bougainville’s population in the rural areas to elaborate on Bougainville Peace Agreement, Autonomy, Referendum and Development Issues!”
    In terms of the 60/40 Content Agreement, the Bureau has already commenced programs aired on NBC and when the project is rolled out most of the materials collected from the rural areas will be edited and reproduced and aired on NBC and NewDawn FM. There was a meeting held last week that I chaired (30th of October) between NBC and NawDawn FM to clarify much of this misinformation currently popping up surprisingly.
    The meeting gave a brief of the project and how it was going to roll out with a big emphasis of a working relationship with these two vital stations. It is really sad that most of what was iterated never reached people concerned. We are supposed to be good communicators, conveying concepts without fear or favour.
    The other point that was mentioned and reiterated during the meeting was that Radio Ples Lain is not established to compete with any of the two stations respectively. Your on-air 24/7, RPL is only broadcasting 3 hours per schedule. Broadcasting specific information according to Information Needs Audit carried out to identify the type of information that people needed to know about certain aspects of Bougainville’s Development Issues and the ABG’s status in terms of the Bougainville Peace Agreement, Autonomy and Referendum updates.
    And as a two way medium, broadcast what the people’s views are in terms of Regional Development and their communal sentiments towards the ABG’s progress in the BPA, Autonomy and Referendum. So there is no duplication here as iterated.
    Most of the contents that will be broadcasted will reflect WHAT the people have longed to hear or missed out on due to the two station’s lack of reach.
    The Project is funded under G.I.F (Governance and Implementation Fund), a collaborated partnership between the Autonomous Bougainville Government, Papua New Guinea Government, Australian Government and the New Zealand Government.
    The Equipment cost under K200, 000, and not 2 million kina as suggested. Included in this cost are 2, 000 solar wind up FM radio sets benefiting all radio stations.
    When it comes to listener base or what is known as Targeted Audience in the Broadcast World, you just have to think about the black spots the stations are not reaching yet in most parts of Bougainville. And offcourse the need for sensitivity when it comes to broadcasting Government information that needs proper editing before going and coming in. In terms of government programs, the ABG administration has its obligation to inform the people of what it is doing to implement government policies. As a former NBC Bougainville programmer and producer and journalist in various organisations in Bougainville and abroad, experience clearly shows the lack of input in terms of information output from line agencies and respective divisions need to be told to do just…plan and convey their programs in the simplest way to the rural population so that the Government and its Administration don’t loose credibility and promote Good Governance and Transparency.

    To sum up, the Bureau’s primary task of driving the government’s awareness programs is stepping up its game in terms of technology and information need audits.
    New and exciting innovations in terms of the different mediums that it will be utilizing to promote its primary task and young talented aspiring professionals in their own fields have been selected among other candidates to drive these innovations…because they have the heart and capacity to get things done professionally and in line with their code of ethics.

    You are all most welcome to come around to the office to get more information about the project.

    By the way Sebastian Hakalits, my brother, I’m always around and we meet, you could have just asked. Professionally brother I am shocked you don’t even know that as a Mobile Radio in a Box it comes with a transmitter and compressor to actually transmit and the other reason why other programs will be relayed on the other two station…(Just scroll up).

    Cheers guys and really Appreciate your comments, an open door policy paves way for improvement and progress.

    Mr Albert Nukuitu, I really admire and thank you for your open minded comments. I believe you really define what it means in terms of constructive discussion.

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