Bougainville Development News: Implementation of High Impact Projects accelerates in 2015:


“The year 2015 will be an exciting year for Bougainville as more projects will be implemented throughout the Region as restoration and rebuilding continues”

Implementation of High Impact Projects in Bougainville accelerates in 2015:

The high impact projects funded by the Special Intervention Fund (SIF) as a conditional grant to Bougainville continues to gain momentum as the year 2015 begins.

Despite criticisms from different people with different reasons, the Joint Programme Management Unit together with the ABG Department of Technical Services and other relevant implementing agencies were able to mobilise projects after the first K100million was released by the National Government in April 2014.


In just eight (8) months (April-December 2014), Twenty one (21) projects out of twenty seven (27) projects to be funded under the SIF for 2013 and 2014 were mobilised in preparations for implementation and some were already in the implementation stages.


These projects included the Aropa Airport Redevelopment Project which was completed on record time of two (2) months twenty (20) days and was officially opened by the Prime Minister Hon Peter Oniel and the ABG President Chief Dr John L Momis. The airport is now operational and taking in 3 flights a week .

The other projects which are currently being implemented are the Buka Ring Road Sealing (first 20kms from Malasang to Malis) , the Buka Town Sealing ( all the streets within the town area),


the NBC Upgrade project which is will see the NBC Coverage extended throughout the whole of Bougainville by April 2015,


The bridges along the West Coast of Bougainville (Nagam, Shuun, Dirty Wara) to be built by POGE Limited, Also the realignment of the Road in South West Bougainville.

The Arawa Town Road sealing will also commence in March 2015 and so it will be co-funded funded by SIF and DFAT through thier Transport Sector Support Program (TSSP). The same arrangement will be done for the Buin Town Roads which will also be upgraded and sealed this year. The outcome would be to have all three township ( BUKA, ARAWA, BUIN) roads upgraded and sealed.

The Kokopau to Buin Raod Sealing project is being divided into different sections. The sections include, Kokopau to Siara , Siara to Arawa, Arawa to Kieta , Kieta to Toimanapu, and Toimanapu to Buin. Implementation for sections from Kieta to Buin will be done in two sections…the first ones from Kieta to Toimanapu and the next section will start from Buin coming back to Toimanapu. Contracts for these two very high impact project estimated to be awarded soon.

The other programmes that have projects being implemented are the Bougainville Economic Feeder Roads Programme which already has 10 feeder projects awarded and are being implemented , and by the end of these month 4 more feeder roads around Bougainville will be awarded.

The year 2015 will be an exciting year for Bougainville as more projects will be implemented throughout the Region as restoration and rebuilding continues.

Guava Access Road in Panguna rehabilitated after 24 years:



The Guava Access Road in Panguna , Central Bougainville is being upgraded for the first time after 24 years. The access road leads to Guava Village in the Mountain Ranges of Panguna which provides access for the people around those areas.

Villagers along that mountain range use the access road to transport thier cargos up to thier villages on foot for many hours. The project is under the Bougainville Economic Feeder Roads Programme funded by the Special Intervention Fund.

The contract was awarded to Nairobi Constructions, local company from the area. The rehabilitation of the Guava Access Road is a big relief to the Mothers and Children who most of the times carry thier cargos on and travel by foot back to the Mountains around the Guava Area.

Edwin Moses ,who is from the area and also the Managing Director of Nairobi Constructions thanked the Autonomous Bougainville Government and GoPNG for funding through the SIF and said that the project is all about “confidence building ” to the people from Panguna, especially the Guava Area.



And in other news


By Aloysius Laukai

The ABG is strengthening its local level governments with transport support starting this year.
And today three TOYOTA LANDCRUISERs and several Boats were presented to the COE’s throughout Bougainville.
Last week the KONNOU COE was presented a Toyota Open back to the chairman, ALOYSIUS MASIU to carry out peace building activities within the COE which is the biggest constituency on Bougainville.

AND today three TOYOTA land cruisers and boats were presented by the Bougainville administration. New Dawn FM understands this is the first time COE’s have been given vehicles and Boats to assist with their transport problems.
During the Bougainville Provincial Government days all Community Governments had their own vehicles to carry out their work.

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