Bougainville News: New Dawn FM Bougainville commences filming for mobile cinema project

New Dawn FM is engaging in a nation-wide video awareness to provide the citizens of Bougainville with information on the Bougainville Peace Agreement and improve citizens’ understanding of six governance issues: disarmament, referendum, good governance, missing persons, war widows and government corruption.

New Dawn Manager Aloysius Laukai provides an update on the project and writes:  

Please note : Bougainville News is operated by Aloysius Laukai


The first mission of this PACMAS funded project, was to find out what people in Bougainville already know about our six topics: weapons disposal, the referendum, good governance, missing persons, war widows and government corruption.

We made six surveys, one for each topic, and each with seven sections.  New Dawn FM reporters went to different centres in Bougainville to conduct the surveys among a cross section of the population. In all, over 230 surveys were answered.

We found differences in reactions according to where people lived: in Central Bougainville, people felt more strongly about weapons disposal, for example.  Some answers varied according to gender, such as attitudes towards what constitutes corruption.

However, it was clear that people were eager to find out more: they wanted to know about the structure of government, about how to report government corruption, and they had a lot of questions about the different aspects of the referendum.

The film we will be making will address these needs but also tell them where to go to get this information.


New Dawn FM Bouganville Peace Agreement Awareness

Scripting was a natural process especially after analysing the questionnaires and taking into account people’s opinions on the different topics.  It was clear what information we would need to get across, and commenced on a list of interviewees for each film.

For the government corruption video, we came up with an exciting and dramatic way to get our point across – a fable of a dog that turns into a corrupt politician and along the way involves his whole community.


Filming has started with recordings on ‘missing persons’.  We spoke to Government and NGO representatives, and also captured stories people told of their experience of having a relative missing.  The interviews were eye-opening.

Bordger Bakere from ICRC spoke about the policy (that was adapted to investigate the whereabouts of the missing people as a result of the Bougainville Civil War that occurred in the years 1988 – 1998), and appeals to the members of the public to come forward if they have any information on the missing people.

Two mothers,  Scholley Miriori who lost her nephew and Claire Situ who lost her son, gave personal testimonies of what it’s like to not know where the remains of a loved one are.

Peter Garuai has set up his own association to help people who have been affected from this, and we have captured his views too.

We are hoping that our awareness video on missing persons will encourage people to come forward anonymously so that valuable information can be shared safely.

New Dawn FM Bougainville Peace Agreement awareness

Next Up

For the other 5 topics, we are yet to conduct interviews but work on identifying interviewees and arranging interview times have begun.

As we film, and then edit, we have started building the footages into coherent narratives.  This part of the project provides a great opportunity for the New Dawn FM staff to develop their capacity in working with moving images and getting familiar with the Final Cut Pro.

We’re looking forward to when we will be taking the films and setting up mobile cinemas night after night in towns and villages around Bougainville.

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