Bougainville Government News alert : New ministers announced by the ABG President Chief Dr John Momis.



The new ministers announced and declared by the ABG President Chief Dr John Momis.

The new Ministers are;

1. Hon John Momis Buin, Minister for Planning and Inter-government Relations (Department of the President and the Bougainville Executive Council)
2. Hon. Patrick Nisira Halia, Minister for Referendum, Peace and Veterans Affairs (Department of the Referendum, Veteran’s Affairs and Peace)
3. Hon. Albert Punghau (Motuna Huyono) Minister for Treasury and Finance ( Department of Treasury and Finance)
4. Hon. Raymond Masono (Atolls) Minister for Public Service (Department of Public Service)
5. Hon Willie Masiu Minister for Justice (Department of Justice and the Principal Legal Advisor)
6. Hon. Robin Wilson (Terra) Minister for Mineral and Energy Resources (Department of Mineral and Energy Resources)
7. Hon Luke Karaston Minister for Technical Services (Department of Technical Services)
8. Hon Dennis Lokonai Minister for Health (Department of Health)
9. Hon Thomas Pata’aku Minister for Education (Department of Education)
10. Hon. Jacob Tooke (Baubake) Minister for Community Government (Department of Community Government)
11. Hon Josephine Getsi Minister for Community Development (Department of Community Development)
12. Hon Nicholas Darku Minister for Primary Industries (Department of Primary Industries)
13. Hon Fidelis Semoso Minister for Economic Development (Department of Economic Development)
14. Hon John Tabinaman Minister for Lands, Physical Planning, Environment and Conservation (Department of Lands, Physical Planning, Environment and Conservation)

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