Bougainville News: Boat carrying 8 people missing in rough seas off Bougainville

Missing Boat
By Aloysius Laukai Photo Helicopters from the USNS Mercy helping in the search
 Updated 8.30 am Monday 29 June

By Aloysius Laukai

Six passengers from the ill-fated boat that went missing on the way to Cartrets islands have survived whilst two are still missing.

The Bougainville Disaster Coordinator, FRANKLYN LACEY just reported to New Dawn FM five minutes ago stating that boat capsized in rough seas whilst they were trying to refuel their boat.

He said that the mother and her baby swam to Iangain island and also other passengers were rescued early this morning.

Still missing is the skipper and one other passenger and rescue teams are still looking for them this morning.

A boat carrying the HeadMaster of Carterets Primary school and another female teacher with a child are amongst the 8 people who did not arrive at their destination Saturday.

The boat left Buka for Carterets and when they did not arrive in Catrets the alarm was raised. And according to some earlier reports Helicopters from the USNS Mercy did some search today for the missing boat.

But according to reports from the Disaster Cordinator, Franklyn Lacey the boat left the Buka shores at 10 am Saturday with 2 drums of fuel and two engines, a 60HP and a 40HP as spare engine.

Will get more updates in the morning..but New Dawn FM understands that there have been strong winds over the last two weeks and travelling in small dingies at this time is very dangerous.


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