Bougainville News : Autonomous Bougainville Government to improve the efficiency, transparency and accountability


Planning is the cornerstone of good governance, by undertaking planning we are able to identify priorities, determine actions and importantly create a benchmark through which we can measure progress,”

This is an opportunity to determine our own fate as Bougainville and I ask that all public servants participate and contribute, it must be a collective approach if we are to succeed,”

Chief Secretary to the ABG Joseph Nobetau

The Autonomous Bougainville Government is currently embarking on measures to improve the efficiency, transparency and accountability of the Bougainville Public Service.

Chief Secretary to the ABG Joseph Nobetau said that 2017 would be a period of consolidation and growth where the BPS will position itself to respond to the ever increasing demands of the Government in a way the is efficient and transparent.

Mr Nobetau noted the need in 2017 to clearly document both corporate and strategic goals and indicated that the process will operate through two complementary and concurrent processes – Corporate and Strategic Planning.

He further emphasised that the corporate planning process must be undertaken at an agency level where each ABG department determines their key priorities for the year ahead.

This calls for ABG department to undertake a comprehensive analysis of key strengths and weaknesses along with opportunities and potential threats and allows for all departmental heads to determine how best to move forward with their corporate initiatives that will deliver on the expectations of the ABG.

Mr Nobetau has already informed all departmental heads to identify the top four priorities of their departments.

“This is the first part of the planning process, once this has occurred I will ask that the departmental heads convene planning workshops to map out a plan for the year ahead,” he said.

The Office of the Chief Secretary to the ABG will in turn coordinate the reporting of the progress that will be given to the Government and key stakeholders.

Mr Nobetau also revealed that his office will be leading the strategic planning process that will complement the corporate planning work of the government departments.

Mr Nobetau further stated that this will extend beyond 2017 and will ensure that there is a long term vision for the ABG public service in the years ahead that allows it to develop and grow the capacity needed to deliver on the expectations of the ABG.


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