Bougainville News : ABG needs to move from development planning to action


This problem is not unique only to Bougainville and I do not want to detract from the important work many of our dedicated public servants have undertaken in the past,

Rather, I see the need for the Bougainville Public Service to build on that former planning work in undertaking new corporate and strategic planning so that we can measure and asses our success,

These plans were well-formed but they lacked action after their development.”

Chief Secretary to the ABG Joseph Nobetau

Pic Caption: Hahela Market provides for the ABG residential compounds, the Diocese of Bougainville Headquarters and several other residences in the Kubu area in Buka Town. The fresh produce as well as the betel nut sold at the market offers also serves alot of people throughout the Buka Township with the closure of the main Buka Town Market during the weekends. Words and Pic Anthony Kaybing

Since the inception of the Autonomous Bougainville Government there have been numerous development plans that have not come into fruition.

While many of these plans have been well laid out they lacked further development due to incapacitation issues in the Bougainville Administration to carry them out to a successful end.

Chief Secretary to the ABG Joseph Nobetau said that he has reviewed many of these plans and has come to the conclusion that though these plans were well-formed they lacked action after their development.

Nobetau further stated that it was not enough to develop a plan in and of itself; the public service needed to move past the development and launch phase of the planning process to the implementation phase to prove its worth to the government and the people of Bougainville.

Mr Nobetau also revealed that in the coming months a new formal reporting process to the government will be implemented that allows the administration to measure and asses the success of the public service in meeting key corporate and strategic planning goals.

As it stands the reporting process will be divided into four key quadrants; Budget and Financial Management, Civil Society, Peace and Law and Order, Social Services (Health, education etc) and Economic Development, Growth and Infrastructure.

The aim of the reporting process will be to document activities and actions that seek to address and meet the priorities of the government, it will also act as a monitoring and evaluation mechanism that allows for improvement.

“I firmly believe that 2017 will be a year of transformation for the public service and I ask all Bougainville Public Servants to join with me as we embark on this exciting journey to make Bougainville the Black Pearl of the Pacific as she truly is,” Nobetau encouraged.